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Noft Games

Noft Games is an NFT P2E game powered by Binance Smart Chain.

It is a space-themed auto-battler, where you send your Nofts to matches against other Nofts to win BNB, EXP, and in-game cash Atron (ASTR). Grow your Noft, train it, choose your strategy, and leave it to auto-battler. The algorithm considers all the data - Nofts’ attributes, abilities, level, experience - to trigger battles and earn you crypto. The cosmic lore of the game takes you aboard a space station. In this dark cold environment of complete isolation, Nofts fight for Astron to build a portal, teletransport to another galaxy, and save their dying Civilization.

How to start playing Noft Games

Head to the official Website:
1️⃣ Log in via MetaMask;
2️⃣ Rent or mint a Noft;
3️⃣ Choose a battle (free-to-play and pay-to-earn options available);
4️⃣ Pick the strategy;
5️⃣ Wait for the result and enjoy prizes!
6️⃣ Upgrade your Noft to win more and earn more.

Get a Noft

Noft is an in-game character and your cute little warrior. Each one is a collectible NFT. There are currently seven unique collections of Nofts available within the game. To start participating in battles, get a Noft: buy it in the Marketplace or Mint one random or a whole pack of Nofts using BNB, BUSD, USDT, USDC, or DOGE coins.
You can enter the game without buying NFTs: just Rent one paying Astron – an in-game currency.
Owning a Noft has its advantages though: bigger prize pools, the opportunity to upgrade abilities and sell Nofts at a profit.

Upgrade the Noft

EXP points earned through all types of battles can be spent to level up the Noft’s abilities: power, vision, speed, vitality, luck, and agility. Win and earn more by growing your Noft or upgrade it to then sell on the Marketplace at a much higher price.

Noft Games Battle Modes

Blitz - an off-chain battle that allows testing the gameplay. Join instant battles with players of the same level, earn EXP points and Astrons to upgrade the Noft.
Practice - train your Noft, and try different strategies to see which is better for your warrior.
Events - scheduled battles that can be entered by paying a small network fee. Here starts real fun as events have decent BNB prize pools and allow you to earn crypto.
Ultimate is a major death match. Pay an entry fee to enter, finish higher up and earn part of the big BNB prize pool.

Earn Astron

Astron (ASTR) is in-game cash that you can earn by participating in battles and get for daily logins. Astronofall happens every day!

Sell the Noft on the Marketplace

The in-game marketplace is where you can buy new Nofts or Nofts upgraded by other players. You can pay with DOGE, BNB, BUSD, USDT, or USDC. You can also sell your own Noft to profit.


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