Duskbreakers - Game Developer

Duskbreakers - Game Developer

The game developer Dusk Breakers is behind the NFT game Duskbreakers.

Technologically advanced people, "DuskBreakers," P2E board the ship for missions to mine for elements that will progress humanity's future.

Duskbreakers is an interactive world-building experience powered by gaming, comics, and animation. In the Duskbreakers Play-to-Mint, you will ride the space elevator to the Dusk, an enormous, dormant alien spaceship filled with world-changing technologies.

You will direct your Breaker to explore the ship, mining for exotic materials that the Dusk provides while fending off mysterious alien creatures that inhabit the Dusk. Break as much as you can until the gribbles and barnies get you. Just by playing the game, you gain access to the sweepstakes.

Your highest score will then be uploaded to our global leaderboard, which serves as the public record for those eligible to mint. Top ranked players on the global leaderboard will gain guaranteed access to the mint. The rest of the players are automatically entered into our sweepstakes and will be randomly selected to determine their ability to mint.


Duskbreakers - Video Game Developer - Review

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